Swimming Admissions Policy

Last Updated: 01 Dec 2023

A parent or responsible adult (over the age of 16) must accompany children, who are under the age of 8 in our Swimming Pools and Changing Rooms. A Parent over the age of 16 is classed as a responsible Adult.

The Maximum number of children a responsible adult may supervise are as follows:

  • 1 Adult to 2 children under the Age of 8.

Please Note:

  • We recommend that children under 8 that are non-swimmers use armbands and/or an appropriate buoyancy aid and remain in shallow water.
  • The above policy may differ for specific programmed sessions and you should contact us directly for the times of any specific swimming sessions where the admission policy has been increased.
  • That age and height restrictions may apply for certain activities, e.g. inflatable sessions.