NEW TO AQUASPLASH FOR 2016! Stationary bikes are submerged in four feet of water in a pool. People sit waist deep in the water and pedal away against the natural resistance of water, creating a full-body workout. Aqua cycling originated in Italy as a type of athletic rehabilitation. The rehabilitation technique then grew into a fitness craze and major calorie burner. Underwater cycling torches calories and burns a whopping 800 calories in one hour. Cycling in H2O causes a natural sense of friction between the water and skin. These movements create a massaging action that helps stimulate and drain the lymphatic system, which helps eliminate cellulite. Temperature is another bonus. As people heat up from all of the pedaling, the refreshing cool water of the pool helps regulate body temperatures and prevent overheating. Another fitness perk of aqua cycling? You won’t suffer from an “exercise hangover” the following day. A traditional spin class can cause aching muscles and soreness the next day, whereas most people who do aqua cycling are pain-free 24 hours later. Water has a gentle effect on the body and prevents micro-tears and traumas that typically happen to muscle fibres and connective tissue while exercising on land. Overall, aqua cycling offers prolonged benefits, long after the class is over. As you cycle in the water, you’ll increase blood flow, circulation and breathing capacity. It energises, rejuvenates and replenishes the body. Aqua cyclists also work out in a tranquil environment, which reduces stress, relaxes muscles and promotes healthy sleep.